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Wiedemann Werkstatt

(open to interpretation)

Hello, my name is Wiedemann (pronounced: vee-duh-mon) and I am happy to be part of the artistic community at Brickbox Studios! I predominantly work in oil painting, drawing, and photography. My work combines historical research with artistic expression to interpret and report on aspects of the human condition. Topics within my work include religion/spirituality, architectural theory, and the psychology of how humans treat each other. My continuing project, "Bilder aus Stasi Gefängnissen in Sachsen" ("Images from Stasi Prisons in Saxony"), analyzes the use of environmental features to manipulate prisoners during the German Democratic Republic. I look forward to meeting you at my workshop during your next visit to Brickbox Studios!

IG: @wiedemann.werkstatt


Dresden Leipzig 285.JPG
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