Susie Jordan

Susie Jordan, Artist, believes we are creative beings that desire to express ourselves through an inspired pursuit. Her paintings are the reflections of an inward condition manifested outward. They are the songs of her heart, mind and spirit. 

Her grid-like mosaic style developed while on a personal journey and transformed into a form of mediation for the artist. Her work is largely abstract granting a wide range of interpretation. 

Ms. Jordan holds a BS/BA from The Ohio State University and was a business owner for several years. In 2016, she followed her passion and transitioned to focus exclusively on a career in art.
IG: @sj4art


Colorfal, 2017, Mixed Medi
Trust, 2014, Oil, 24x24
Fernweh,2017,Mixed Media,24
Thought It A Dream, 2016,
Somewhere In the Cosmos, 2
Amore, 2018, Mixed Media,
Muliebrity, 2018, Mixed Me
Few of My Favorite Things,