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Cherie Blondell


Cherie Blondell is an award-winning burlesque artist and Marilyn Monroe impersonator with more than a decade of performance experience under her garter belt. She has performed from coast to coast, in productions large and small, private events to trade shows. Cherie brings her brand of glamour and blonde ambition everywhere she goes! Cherie has been featured performer or headliner in many stage production and festivals, including: The Ohio Burlesque Festival, The Bluegrass Burlexpo, Sexapalooza, Ivan Kane's Forty Deuce, and many more!


In addition to burlesque, Cherie is a talented Marilyn Monroe tribute artist and loves embodying the character and persona of the world's most famous blonde. Her MM shows have allowed her to perform for corporate executives, military service members, veterans, car show enthusiasts, trade show patrons, and grandpas everywhere.


Cherie also teaches burlesque and has been an instructor for more than 8 years. She has helped many young dancers discover their inner showgirl (or boy!) and many brides-to-be have been taught how to give the most memorable wedding night dance for their lover. Cherie uses burlesque as a means to self-discovery for her students, utilizing the art of the tease to help them connect to their most sensual side and build confidence in their bodies, sexuality, and gender.


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