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Manda Marble

Manda Marble LLC

I am a mixed media artist that loves working with natural elements and incorporating them into my work.I love to collect seed pods, flowers, and plants and press them to include in my collage pieces.


Much of my work includes enchanting depictions of nature. I also enjoy creating abstract mixed media floral pieces that evoke a sense of dreaminess. My goal is to bring to life the enchanting beauty of Nature with extreme detail and colorful whimsy.


We are all full of magic and we are all deeply connected to the natural world. I hope to evoke that knowing in you through my art. Nature is a wonderful healer and the natural world waits to embrace you. My work intends to brighten your life by celebrating that magic and joy that Nature brings us. My hope is that you will be inspired, calmed, and connected to that energy that waits for you to notice it so that it may nourish your soul. Manda is also a singer-songwriter and enjoys playing piano, guitar, and the bass guitar.

IG: @Mandamarble

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